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NYFPS | New York Future Problem Solving Program, Inc.
New York Future Problem Solving Program

Better Future

In Six Steps

NYFPS | New York Future Problem Solving Program, Inc.

NYFPS prepares New York students to be creative problem solvers and emerging leaders of the future.

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New York Academic Competition | New York School Competition | Future Problem Solving Program

The New York Future Problem Solving Program (NYFPS) is an education non-profit program focused on teaching students critical thinking, research, collaboration, and effective communication skills.

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Step Up To The Challenge

Students apply what they learned in the classroom to the real world issues and showcase their grasp of concepts through the New York Student Competitions run by NYFPS. Champions in each division of their component will be invited to the International Conference.

Case Studies

Global Issues
Problem Solving



Problem Solving

Creative Writing


Empower Students With NYFPS

Energize The Classroom

Inspire The Future

Rally The Parents

Get Involved

Together, we can create tomorrow's leaders and problem solvers.


Join our community of passionate educators who bring lessons to life inside and beyond the classroom.


Bring the NYFPS experience to your school to benefit students, your school, and the local community.


Join a community passionate about helping students learn the key skills to enable them to build a better future. 

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Find Your Purpose

Community Problems

Students in the Community Problem Solving (CmPS) competition take a project-based approach to applying the six-step Future Problem Solving process. They identify real world problems and implement solutions in their local communities. A spark of competition drives CmPS students to excel and seek to improve their performance. 

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 Other NYFPS students have also been recognized and highlighted in the media for their achievements.

Meet Our Affiliates

NYFPS is part of a network of Future Problem Solving affiliate programs based across the U.S. and Internationally.


Kentucky FPS
Kentucky FPS


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New York Academic Competition | New York School Competition | Future Problem Solving Program


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