NYFPS | New York Future Problem Solving Program, Inc.

Our Story

We teach critical thinking skills, stimulate creativity, encourage development of a vision for the future, and prepare students for leadership roles.

The New York Future Problem Solving Program, Inc. (NYFPS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit education organization based in New York state and an affiliate of Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI).


As the local affiliate, NYFPS administers and manages the future problem solving program offerings at the state level. We are dedicated to teaching students (grades 4-12) creative problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking, research, and effective communication skills through conducting on-site training, organizing the annual state competition, as well as supporting participants/coaches.

NYFPS | New York Future Problem Solving Program, Inc.
Pastel Swirl
NYFPS | New York Future Problem Solving Program, Inc.

How FPS Began

Creativity research pioneer, Dr. Ellis Paul Torrance, founded FPSPI in 1974 to stimulate critical and creative thinking skills, encourage students to develop a vision for the future, and prepare students for leadership roles. Dr. Torrance taught at the University of Minnesota and later at the University of Georgia, where he was Professor of Educational Psychology. He is also known for creating the Incubation Curriculum Model and the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking. 

FPSPI teaches students the six-step problem solving framework and students participate in the program's annual competitions by applying the key concepts of this approach. NYFPS is FPSPI's local affiliate program in New York State.

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Local Affiliate


A Global Community

With local affiliate programs in more than 37 states and 20 countries/regions, FPS is a community making an impact felt across the world.


FPSPI involves over 24,000 students annually from across the globe including countries such as Australia, Norway, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Mongolia, Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Turkey, New Zealand, France, India, Singapore, and many states within the United States.


Our Mission

We are dedicated to enriching young people's lives by providing them with the necessary framework and skills for creative problem solving

Dr. E. Paul Torrance, FPS Founder

The most basic skill that can be taught in today’s schools is problem solving,

especially skills in solving future problems.

NYFPS | New York Future Problem Solving Program, Inc.

Through comprehensive guidance and rigorous competition, we hope to imbue students in New York state with a set of tools which allow them critically identify problems and strategically develop viable solution plans.


NYFPS encourages students to evaluate futuristic scenarios as well as identify local challenges present in their own communities.


The competitive nature of our program supports students to not only generate innovative solution plans after analysis, but to implement the solutions in a sustainable and measurable method. NYFPS aims to build a foundation of skills in students which are invaluable to their academic and professional careers.

How NYFPS Works

NYFPS' program has three focus areas which allows it to strive toward success in its mission:


Our program provides access to educational material that teach the six step problem solving framework and highlight important future trends underscored in the annual topics.


Through the competitive components offered by our program, we provide participants with opportunities to put the problem solving framework into action and apply their skills.


Our team is active in educator outreach and engagement through efforts such as on-site trainings to generate awareness of the importance of creative problem solving skills.

New York Future Problem Solving Program

Tahi Wiggins, VAFPS

I am fortunate to have collaborated with and befriended individuals from all over the world - individuals with whom I look forward to creating the future!

New York Future Problem Solving Program

Joanna Caravantes, NYFPS

The experience FPS gave me is something I am grateful for and continue to be proud of. FPS taught me a lot throughout my years.

New York Future Problem Solving Program

Ellie Wolcott, FLFPSP

Whenever I have a problem that's a bit beyond me, whether personally or professionally, I go to the FPS process to organize and map out my thoughts.

Pastel Swirl


After decades of serving our constituents, NYFPS has seen major transformation as we evolve while adapting to the changes in the world.

Starting in 2009, NYFPS worked to rebuild an independent leadership team and community after a period of time when the program operated under the management its affiliate, FPS of CT. A decade later, NYFPS has grown into a robust program which continues to expand. 

To remain a step ahead, we prioritized developing tools integrating technology into how we run NYFPS. We have shifted from a paper and postal based program in the late 2000s to primarily online communication by the mid-2010s. This transition allowed us to decrease our environmental footprint and expand ease of access for participants. We are proud to be the first U.S. affiliate which had NYFPS evaluators, who were traveling, remotely complete evaluations successfully abroad in Europe and Asia due to our integration of technology into our processes. Furthermore, the launch of our website provided a unified platform to engage with current and prospective participants.

In 2020, we stepped up to the challenges of a global pandemic and continued to offer the program. By leveraging the technology and processes we implemented in recent years, NYFPS is proud to have served its community uninterrupted and was able to overcome hurdles. We held our first Virtual State Conference Awards Ceremony in 2020.

As future problem solvers, we rise to meet challenges and find solutions. We can only imagine what we can achieve as NYFPS continues to grow into the future.




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