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On-site Training

NYFPS offers the opportunity to register for an On-site Training session at your school. This resource is designed to allow our team to provide training to the school's coaches and students that will participate in the competitive components.

The training sessions provided by our program will reveal the best techniques for problem solving. Expert evaluators will explain the process of grading GIPS packets and methods of maximizing point acquisition. Coaches can bring the knowledge you gain back to your students. Parents and students are also encouraged to attend training sessions.


Improve your skills and knowledge of the best practices in order to better compete in the FPS competition as well as learn new techniques of problem solving to bring back to students.

New York Future Problem Solvers

NOTICE: All On-site Trainings are suspended during COVID-19.
Virtual sessions are available upon request.

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New York Future Problem Solvers

On-Site Training Contents

Our team members who conduct the training have years of experience as former FPS participants and as evaluators. The training coordinator will aim to provide training which is best tailored to you and your student's FPS level. Newer teams will also receive a review of the FPS process and more high level overview before diving into the more detailed approaches to improving competition performance.


Training sessions will include coaching material and a coach manual which are products sold separately by Future Problem Solving Program International. Attendees of the sessions will receive the resources as part of the registration fee of the On-Site Training. 


Please contact us for more details on this offering and how it can help your teams. You can register for this resource while submitting registration for the school year.




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