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NYFPS | New York Future Problem Solving Program, Inc.
New York Future Problem Solvers

A Commitment

We’re proud of our commitment to serving our constituents through fulfilling our mission. That commitment consists of the experience we are dedicated to delivering to our constituents, the values we express, and what our participants expect from us. To uphold our commitment, we strive to continuously search for ways to improve.

New York Future Problem Solving
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Evolving For The Future

Through the decades, FPS in New York has has seen major transformation. NYFPS is dedicated to continuing to evolve and adapt to the changes in the world, so that we can better serve our participants.

In 2009, NYFPS made modernization of the organization a strategic goal and focused on further improving the overall experiences of participants. FPS has a proud history of positive impact on students' lives in the decades of the program running in New York, but it was clear that an organization with a futuristic focus must continually improve. A decade later, NYFPS has grown into a robust program which continues to expand. 

To remain a step ahead, we prioritized developing tools integrating technology into how we run NYFPS. We have shifted from a paper and postal based program in the late 2000s to primarily online communication by the mid-2010s. This transition allowed us to decrease our environmental footprint and expand ease of access for participants. We are proud to be the first U.S. affiliate which had NYFPS evaluators, who were traveling, remotely complete evaluations successfully abroad in Europe and Asia due to our integration of technology into our processes. Furthermore, the launch of our website provided a unified platform to engage with current and prospective participants.

In 2020, we stepped up to the challenges of a global pandemic and continued to offer the program. By leveraging the technology and processes we implemented in recent years, NYFPS is proud to have served its community uninterrupted and was able to overcome hurdles. We held our first Virtual State Conference Awards Ceremony in 2020.

As future problem solvers, we rise to meet challenges and find solutions. We can only imagine what we can achieve as NYFPS continues to grow into the future.

New York Future Problem Solving



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