NYFPS | New York Future Problem Solving Program, Inc.


NYFPS' mission success relies on the collaboration of leadership and our volunteers. Volunteers help with the many tasks in preparation and during events such as the annual State Conference or Onsite Training Seminars and some serve as Evaluators. Their time and assistance makes a lot of difference in ensuring the smooth execution of the events. We are proud to have former FPSers as well as new faces assist during our events. We understand that their time is valuable and we really appreciate the dedication of our volunteers.

NYFPS | New York Future Problem Solving Program, Inc.
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Every year, champions from across New York come together for the State Conference. It takes the assistance from our volunteers to make the conference a success. Volunteers help with preparations before the event as well as the many tasks during the conference. At the conference, they often assist with essential tasks such as set up NYFPS equipment at the venue, provide the friendly faces who greet participants, direct students to the right venue, hand out materials, and help in the judging of GIPS Skit Performances. 

Beyond assisting at events, volunteers provide feedback and suggestions to the leadership. Volunteers build a strong foundation for the development of NYFPS as it begins to adapt to changing times. Since our volunteers come from a broad range of backgrounds, NYFPS is able to gain a diverse view on the program. Often, the knowledge and expertise of our volunteers offer interesting lenses to addressing challenges. In the coming years, we look forward to continue working with our volunteers towards the mutual goal of spreading problem solving skills to students in New York State.

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Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Evaluators - We are currently seeking volunteers to join our evaluation team. Evaluators are essential to helping provide feedback to participants throughout the school year as they complete submissions to the competitive components. We welcome FPS alumni, former coaches, and high school FPSers to receive training to become evaluators. You can get involved today by learning how to volunteer as an evaluator. 



Evaluators Help Mentor A New Generation