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Scenario Writing

Individual Scenario Writing

Do you have a passion to write a short fictional story about the future? 


NYFPS has a wonderful opportunity for New York State students to participate in an annual essay competition where students write fictional short stories (1,500 words or less) related to one of the annual topics. 

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(Grades 4 - 6)


(Grades 7 - 9)


(Grades 10 - 12)

Scenario Writing

Gr 4                                Gr 7                                  Gr 10                           Gr 12

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The slate of topics for the upcoming years are selected by students across the globe each year.


Participants can also suggest topic ideas for future slates. Suggested topic ideas typically takes several years to appear in before participants to allow for review and resource development.

Annual Topics

Each year FPSPI announces the topics for the school year which will be the basis for the thematic basis of participants' submission for Scenario Writing. Participants have the opportunity to research and explore these topics which are usually topics that are expected to increasingly become more important in the future. The topics represent themes and concepts from the strands of Business & Economics, Social & Political, and Science & Technology.

Explore the topics and read brief descriptions for this school year. 

New York Future Problem Solving Program

Annual Writing Competition

The story (1500 words or less) is set at least 20 years in the future and is an imagined, but logical, outcome of actions or events taking place in the world. The submission will be based on one of the  Annual Topics announced at the start of the school year. Participants write one essay for submission into the State Conference. Top 3 Winners in their divisions at the State Conference will be entered into the International Scenario Writing Competition. At the international stage, entries from the top New York State winners will be evaluated against submissions from across the United States as well as those from other countries!

Competitive Submission

State Conference

International Conference

Participate In The Scenario Writing Competition

This is an amazing opportunity for students to stimulate their creativity and improve their writing skills. Submissions will be evaluated to provide feedback. 

Register for official rules and more details. Please request information on registration deadline by contacting our Executive Director.

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