Creative problem solving can easily be taught in the classroom. The future problem solving program's structured approach and process can come to life in the classroom with the materials which the program produces yearly for its competitive program, but educators can access these resources without having to participate in the competitive components of the program. Teachers and schools seeking to integrate engaging content to bring creative problem solving to life in the classroom have selected to register for NYFPS's Curriculum Supplement Package program. 

NYFPS' Curriculum Supplement Package can be used to help develop students' research, writing, presentation, and creative problem solving skills based on the structured design of the program.

Whether you are a teacher seeking to add creative problem solving into your lessons or a school seeking to integrate engaging content relating to STEM and problem solving, the curriculum supplement package is an essential tool aimed at helping build problem solving skills for students grades 4-12. 

This component of the program is also a useful resource for schools which seek to have a structured approach to teaching problem solving throughout the year without having to fully commit to the competitive nature of the other components in the program until they are ready. 

To better understand the resources which comes with the Curriculum Supplement Package and how it can be a tool in your classroom send an email to our Executive Director for more details. 


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