Competitions have been shown to have great impact on content retention, critical thinking skills, and creativity. By basing education in real-world scenarios and challenge-based problem solving, students are given the opportunity to think for themselves, and by doing so, learn more rapidly and efficiently with a focus on their future. Participants who compete in teams build life long bonds with their teammates and learn how to work in groups.

Future Problem Solving students are engaged and excited about learning because of the competition themed structure. The critical thinking and problem solving skills are key tools that students will use throughout their lives. Additionally, through the various activities of the competition, students also improve their ability to communicate their ideas in both written and spoken forms. Many alumni of the program attribute the skills learned doing the program to their success in school, college, and professional careers. 

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Spotlight: Step Onto College

High school NYFPS participants who are preparing for the college application find themselves armed with a wealth of experiences to drawn upon. They draw on the team bonding memories and leadership skills which they have developed as they faced challenges through the competitions.


Students who have participated in FPS have a wide range of experiences to choose from when discussing their achievements in the college application process. For example, those who participated in Community Problem Solving (CmPS) component can share the story behind the work they have done in order to directly better the communities around them and highlight their leadership skills.


Every year our NYFPS alumni come back with stories about how their experience with the program has placed them in positions for success and enabled them to better take advantage of opportunities in college and beyond. 


Take The First Step To Become A Problem Solver

New York Future Problem Solving Program


Tackle problem solving with a repeatable six-step framework.

New York Future Problem Solving Program


Bond with teammates and meet fellow FPSers from around the world.

New York Future Problem Solving Program


Learn how to work well in a team through competing together in a component.

New York Future Problem Solving Program


The experiences of doing FPS remain with participants far beyond graduation.

New York Future Problem Solving Program


Practice problem solving, critical thinking, writing, presentation, and leadership skills.

New York Future Problem Solving Program


Make a difference by solving problems such as local community challenges.

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