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NYFPS | New York Future Problem Solving Program, Inc.
 | Future Problem Solving

Mission, Vision, & Values

Our mission statement, vision, and core values strengthen and affirm NYFPS' commitment to our constituents. We are driven by this mission towards our vision. NYFPS is guided by our values and key characteristics in fulfilling our mission in order to achieve the vision. 

 | Future Problem Solving
 | Future Problem Solving

NYFPS is dedicated to enriching young people's lives by providing them with the necessary framework and skills for creative problem solving

NYFPS' Mission

Dr. E. Paul Torrance, FPS Founder

The most basic skill that can be taught in today’s schools is problem solving,
especially skills in solving future problems.

 | Future Problem Solving

NYFPS' Vision

NYPFS will provide essential problem solving skills and education to young people, so that we can live in strong, resilient, and prosperous world wherein no problem is too complex to solve.


How Does NYFPS Strive Towards This Vision? Through comprehensive guidance and rigorous competition, we hope to imbue students in New York State with a set of tools which allow them to critically identify problems and strategically develop viable solution plans.


NYFPS' Characteristics And Values

Our key characteristics create the foundation of how we fulfill our mission by guiding us towards the outcomes we expect and what we do to achieve the goals.

NYFPS provides students with:


NYFPS students understand service and responsibility to the community. Many continually positively impact their local and broader communities.


NYFPS students gain effective leadership experience through consensus building, project management, and solution implementation.


The ambitious NYFPS students are equipped with a problem solving framework and knowledge across a range of topics to achieve their aspirations.


NYFPS students develop into professionals through experience practicing presentation and team skills which will be essential for college and their careers.

NYFPS' program creates opportunities for:


Competitive rounds throughout the year drive NYFPS students to improve their performance and excel in their components.


NYFPS students put learned concepts into action through rigorous case study and project-based activities which require applied solutions.


NYFPS students doing service projects within their communities gain realistic insight into the impact and practical outcomes of their efforts.


NYFPS activities are an integral part of classroom instruction as they provide engaging and experimental learning approaches.

NYFPS organizational attributes and values:

 | Future Problem Solving

Our attributes and values establish the NYFPS community's priorities as well as standards. These characteristics are actualized through collaboration, integrity, and innovation.

 | Future Problem Solving
New York Future Problem Solving



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