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NYFPS | New York Future Problem Solving Program, Inc.
New York Future Problem Solvers


Future Problem Solvers are student leaders equipped to tackle challenges as they strive for their aspirations.

Develop essential problem solving skills by applying a framework.

Apply concepts and receive recognition for achievements.

Become an active contributor in your local and FPS community.

Experience leading, managing projects, and team building.

Six Steps To Success

The New York Future Problem Solving Program (NYFPS) is not just about student competitions, trophies, medals, and colorful t-shirts. It is the first step towards unlocking students' potential by teaching them essential skills through application of concepts. Students are given the tools to help achieve their goals and strive for a better future. Participation in NYFPS' programs provides students the opportunity to engage in Future Problem Solving (FPS) at the local, New York State, and International levels.

New York Student Competition | New York School Competition | Future Problem Solving Program
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New York Future Problem Solving

Earn Trophies And Medals

Students can put what they learned in the classroom to the test in NYFPS' student competitions. The competitions draw out the full potential of every student. Competitors broaden their knowledge base, learn the value of teamwork, build relationships with like-minded peers, and develop new skillsets for success beyond the classroom. It is motivating to have the opportunity to showcase accomplishments, travel to events, receive recognition, and earn trophies for learning classroom concepts.


With a range of components, NYFPS has a competitive event for every student. Choose a competitive component that matches your interest and goals.

New York Future Problem Solving

Prepare For The Future

Students learn a structured approach to problem solving and enhance their skills by putting it into action through case study analysis or project-based activities that require creative solutions. 

SIX-STEP FRAMEWORK - Learn a structured six-step process for problem solving that is intuitive and repeatable.

FPS ACTIVITIES - Diversify knowledge and skills learned in the classroom with activities that compliment the future problem solving process.

CURRICULUM SUPPLEMENT - Apply the six-step process and topic case studies as part of lessons in the classroom in a non-competitive format.

New York Student Competition | New York School Competition | Future Problem Solving Program

Step Up To Be A Leader

Provide leadership through successfully executing projects, building consensus, and setting appropriate performance metrics. Hone communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.

EMERGING STUDENT LEADER - Develop personal leadership skills by starting a NYFPS school team and get resources to develop a strategy.

EDUCATOR - Practice leadership skills as a NYFPS advisor and demonstrate leadership to your students by serving as a role model.

Pastel Swirl
New York Future Problem Solving

Drive The Conversation

Students, educators, parents, and NYFPS alumni spark community engagement with service projects or future problem solving topic discussions beyond the classroom. Participants not only interact within their local communities, but join in the broader New York State and International future problem solving network. This collaboration unlocks interactive learning and exchange of ideas with the goal of building a better future together.

New York Future Problem Solving



Start Your Six Steps To Begin This Amazing Experience

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