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Club Officers

Establish how to put together a strong guiding coalition that will serve as your club's leadership and student management team.

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Tips For Recruiting Club Officers

​Here are some tips for consideration:

  • Your school may require you to have written a carefully thought out charter or constitution as part of the club formation process. Guidelines for this charter may vary at each school. This charter should indicate the leadership structure, roles/responsibilities, and voting rules.

  • Find other students have also have a keen interest in FPS.

  • It is helpful to reach out to students who have leadership roles in other clubs or teams. They may have helpful tips even if they are uninterested in a position with your club.

  • Your club advisor may have suggestions for students who fit the roles.

  • Promote the opening of a leadership position within your club to the broader student body.

  • Reach out to the student activities administrator to determine if the school knows of any student who has experience with FPS at a prior school.

Example Club Officer Roles And Responsibilities

Below are some standard roles and responsibilities of club officers in a high school FPS chapter:



  • Facilitates club's executive board meetings.

  • Liaison between the team, club advisor, and NYFPS organization.

  • Maintains contact with advisor; this includes contacting the school administration when appropriate.

  • Maintains connections with graduated alumni.

  • Assists other club officers when required.

  • Delegates club's tasks to officers and club members.

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Vice President

  • Assumes duties of the President in their absence.

  • Assists President in necessary tasks and duties.

  • Ensures that all other officers are effectively carrying out their responsibilities.

  • Schedules upcoming meetings and events.

  • Assists recruitment of new members.



  • Keeps record of all financial accounts.

  • Provides financial statements when requested.

  • Assists in fundraising efforts.

  • Prepares annual budget.

  • Aids President in presenting the budget.

  • Maintains the financial history of the club.

  • Prepares purchase orders and supply requests.

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  • Obtains appropriate facilities for club events and activities.

  • Maintains record of members and club activities.

  • Facilitates communication to club members.

  • Aids in preparing an agenda with other officers for every board meeting.

  • Records minutes of all executive board and member meetings.

  • Maintains club meeting attendance.

  • Prepares and develops all necessary documents.

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