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NYFPS | New York Future Problem Solving Program, Inc.


What is evaluation?

The primary purpose of evaluation is to provide coaches and students with feedback that allows them to develop and improve their problem solving skills. GIPS, CmPS, and scenario writing are performance based. Because there is no single “right” answer, FPS employs a variety of strategies to review student work. Specific criteria evaluate performance in each step. Skill improvement remains the most important aspect of evaluation; however, FPS also involves competition. A secondary purpose of evaluation is to provide a fair and reliable method for comparing teams in a Future Problem Solving competition.

NYFPS | New York Future Problem Solving Program, Inc.
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Empowering Our Evaluators

We provide constant training to our core evaluation team and volunteer evaluators to ensure that they are familiar with the FPS evaluation process.


We are able to leverage the technology of an online submission system and evaluation program to allow our evaluators to be involved remotely for almost a decade. Training and cooperation between evaluators ensured the successful integration of online evaluation into NYFPS' process. NYFPS was the first affiliate to have alumni volunteer evaluators evaluate submissions while traveling abroad in Europe and Asia. This dedication is critical to the continuing success of the program, so we continue to step up integration of technology into our process to support them.


NYFPS evaluators are paving the way for utilization of state-of-the-art methods to evaluate and delivery of quality feedback.

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Who Can Volunteer To Support Our Evaluators?

Volunteer evaluators with NYFPS support our Evaluation Director and core evaluation team to provide evaluation for the program's competitive components through the school year.


FPS advisors can evaluate divisions that their teams are not competing within. Former FPS advisors, prospective advisors, and teachers interested in the FPS process can become evaluators. Evaluating can be a good way for advisors to become familiarize with the program, gain more in-depth experience, network, and remain connected with the NYFPS community.

High School FPSers

High school FPS participants are encourage to be involved in the evaluation process since it can provide insight into ways to improve their own performance. Older students remain connected to the NYFPS community as they near graduation. High school sophomores through seniors can volunteer to evaluate Junior Division submissions after completion of their training.

FPS Alumni

FPS doesn't stop after high school. Graduating students can remain involved with the NYFPS community. Many alumni reflect on the fond memories of being in the program and wish to give back. Former FPSers from other states/countries who have moved to New York have also gotten involved as evaluators in the program. Help lend a hand in mentoring the next generation.

New York Future Problem Solvers

Student Volunteer Evaluator Award

High school Sophmores, Juniors, or Seniors (grades 10 - 12) who help evaluate at least three rounds of Junior Division GIPs will be recognized at the State Conference with the Student Volunteer Evaluator Award. Students should apply below to register their interest at the beginning of the school year before the Practice Problem # 1 submission deadline. Training will be provided and student evaluators must pass before being assigned to evaluations. Volunteering as an Evaluator may also count towards some schools' community service requirements and students who are recognized with the Student Volunteer Evaluator Award will receive a reference letter from our Evaluation Director upon request. 

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