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New York Future Problem Solving Program

Establishing School Support

It is important to get support from your school. Many schools have established processes to obtain official permission to start a new club or team.

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New York Future Problem Solvers

Key Steps For Consideration

​Here are some key steps for consideration:

  • Identify the official new club/team formation process and requirements.

  • Connect with the student activities advisor or administrator, so you can learn the most effective way you can start a club/team.

  • Inquire about the process to obtain funding for your club/team expenses from the school.

  • Establish a strategy and mission to approach teachers to support a new club/team.

  • Find an advisor (teacher or coach) for your club/team. It is often helpful to ask a teacher you have established a rapport with prior. 

  • It is important to explain the time commitments and responsibilities of being the advisor to a FPS club/team since this activity may include travel to the State and International Conferences.

  • Once an advisor is found, complete all required registration to become an official club/team at your school. This recognized status will help facilitate fundraising and member recruitment. The new club/team should now be on the official school list of activities or clubs.

Email Template For Student Activities Administrator

Hi Administrator Name ,

My name is Student Name and I am a grade level at high school. I am interested in creating a New York Future Problem Solving (NYFPS) Club for our school on campus. NYFPS is a non-profit organization that teaches creative problem solving and it offers a state competition (winners advance to an annual international competition) as well as many other great resources. I believe that this would be an incredible opportunity for students  in our school.

How can I learn more about starting a club in our school? I would like to learn more about the application process, member guidelines, and advisor requirements. Additionally, are there any important dates I should be aware of in order to start this club? Is there an application deadline and is there a club fair?

Thank you for your assistance,
Student Name

Contact Information

New York Future Problem Solvers
New York Future Problem Solvers



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