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NYFPS | New York Future Problem Solving Program, Inc.

#NYSummerProblemSolving Themes

The New York Summer Problem Solving campaign encourages families to focus on our four themes this summer when thinking about incorporating problem solving into their activities. Join us on social media with #NYSummerProblemSolving as your kids engage in each of these themes in their summer activities!

#NYSummerProblemSolving Themes

Our themes serve to inspire families to consider how their kids' activities relate to learning and practicing problem solving this summer. Discover key ways to remain engaged this summer:

Reading & Learning

Our Annual Topics inspire students to research each subject by reading and learning about them. Reading is a fun way to encourage kids to get excited about new subjects while improving literacy. Let creativity and imaginations run wild by empowering children to read about globally relevant topics. It can happen anywhere, at the picnic table, in a tent, next to a pond, or even under a tree. 

Creating New Experiences

By engaging in problem solving, children have the opportunity to create new experiences. They can apply the six-step process in big and small ways. Tackling an issue in the local community or at home provide the chance to practice problem solving as well as allow kids to learn about new things as they work through the situation.

Developing Friendships

Problem solving can often be a group activity. Children can work together to consider an issue and brainstorm how to implement solutions. The process of collaborating to tackle a challenge is a team building exercise in itself and often serves to strengthen friendships.

Honing Essential Skills

The FPS six-step process and student competitions help participants develop skills which will be critical to their success in their future academic or professional careers. A summer internship, job, or project is a great opportunity for young problem solvers to apply what they learned during the school year as well as hone essential skills. It builds the foundation for our future leaders to change the world.




Keep Kids Problem Solving This Summer

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